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Department of Anthropology

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Charles A. Speer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

I was born and raised in South Texas. I received my PhD from the University of Texas at San Antonio in Anthropology in 2013. Following graduation, I served as a post-doctoral researcher at Texas State University in the Department of Anthropology and worked primarily from Clovis Period materials from the Gault Site. I have been an avid flintknapper and primitive skills enthusiast for over 12 years. I personally enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, and kayaking.

My research primarily focuses on Laser Ablation - Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) analysis of chert to determine mobility patterns of hunter-gatherers. I am currently focused on determining the geologic provenience of chert artifacts to determine mobility patterns of Clovis period hunter-gatherers. I'm also working on the initial phase of sourcing flint from throughout the Massif Central area of France and the Cantabrian region of Spain. I have worked at archaeological sites in Africa, South America, and North America. My other research interests include lithic technology, engineering applications in archaeology, 3D modeling, and experimental archaeology.

Speer, Charles A. 2014 "Experimental sourcing of Edwards Plateau chert using LA-ICP-MS." Quaternary International 342:199-213.

Speer, Charles A., 2014. “LA-ICP-MS analysis of Clovis period projectile points from the Gault Site.” Journal of Archaeological Science 52: 1-11.

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